Side affects are good too

This last weekend we went camping. You can read all about it on my other blog. The Husband loaded our bakkie with our gear while I was at work and then came to fetch me. I switched my phone on airplane mode when we signed in at reception and switched it off when we left the gates on Sunday.


It was a magical weekend with my family and I enjoyed every single minute. While packing up the tent I was chatting with The Husband about this time. Why this camping trip was better than the last one. I realised that part of the reason was that I could DO more, participate more, help more.


Last time we went camping I was February 2016, I was trying paleo (and failing) for the millionth time, trying to do more exercise after injury and just generally not winning at being a healthier me. I spent most of the weekend in one or another inactivity, even when I did do a bit of walking it was to get to the lake where I could float on my back for an hour.


Set up and pack up was mostly done by The Husband as I was getting winded to quickly and my mobility was not great so getting in and out of the tent, getting stuff from low down as a mission. At the time none of this struck me as significant, looking back I realise how much more I could do if my health, my mobility and my weight were different.


This time is was different. Even though I moaned on our little 3km surprise hike Iw as able to do it with only getting moderately winded, I climbed down a cliff(!!), I helped unpack and pack the tent, I did about a million squats a day to get things from boxes, from inside the tent, I climbed in and out of the bakkie with relative ease.


These are all amazing, unexpected side effects of being a slightly smaller and much healthier me. Side effects I am happy to “suffer”. Remember then that end goal may be far for some of us but the journey along the way is so much more than that, life gets better when you are a better you.



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