I never lose

My last posts and the activities of this weekend so far have led me to a new quote to inspire me for the next couple of weeks. Madiba may not have been referring to the battle I fight at the moment but his words ring so true for me right now.

There are 2 main things that hamper success in weight loss. Time and mistakes. I was going to use the word failure and I realised that failure is only true if you let time or a mistake make you stop. When you stop trying, stop fighting, stop getting back up. When you turn around and walk back, that’s failure.

I now have a quote for each of those obstacles.

For the time it takes:


For the mistakes I make:


How many times did I injure myself or fall off the plan and then throw my hands up in frustration and hand in the key to my ultimate success. How many times have I let myself lose, fail, give up and give in to all the naysaying voices in my head?

Not this time. Not a broken arm, not a gain, not the flu. None of it will keep me from reaching my goal. Every minute, every hour, every single bump and bruise, scrape and unsuccessful weigh-in is worth the lesson it teaches me so that when I do reach my “finish” line, I will be a greater person than the one that started it all.


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