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The post that started it all

An open letter to the man who bodyshamed me as I was running down Strand Street on the eve of 21 December 16.

Last night I was angry, I was hurt and I was angry. I tried to imagine all the horrible things I want to happen to you but I was too hurt and angry. Today the anger is gone. The hurt is gone. What is left in their place are pity and forgiveness.

Pity for you that you feel the need to express hateful things to strangers. I pity you because your mind is not yours, you have handed it to society to shape and mould.

I pity your partner, walking by your side, because while she smiled and laughed at my hurt reaction to your flippant judgement of me, somewhere in her mind an idea dropped in place that if she “let herself go” you would stop loving her. That her only worth to you is her body and her looks.

I forgive you because you don’t know my journey. You don’t know how far I have come, you only see how far I have to go. You don’t know the hard work I put in and my reasons for it so you cannot know how hurtful you were being. I forgive you because I realise that no one taught you that judgement is automatic but what you choose to do with it is your choice.

I forgive you because I don’t need to carry hurt and anger. I don’t need to blacken my heart to match yours. My hope for you is that someone finds the time to teach you empathy and that you are open enough to learn.

With love and blessings.
The overweight woman running for her Uber.


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