Burton wants to know

Burton want to know… week 1

Burton asks a health and fitness related question. Read more to see what he wants to know.


2017 – A year full of doing

At the end of 2016, before the clock struck 12 I wrote: A few minutes to go of 2016 and there have been a few up and a lot of downs but I am ending it with family and friends and good food which is what I want 2017 to be filled with. Make 2017… Continue reading 2017 – A year full of doing



They say, after breaking a bone, that you will become a human barometer. That every time the weather changes, or the rains are coming, your bones will ache, or tingle or give off some indication of the change in the air around you. I have felt none of those, I have not felt my broken… Continue reading Courage